This you need to know: This you need to know:

Costs of participating in the VLTP IBRO summer school

The participation in the VLTP IBRO summer school is free of charge, as well as the catering and
leisure time activities: sightseeing tours and parties. 
However, every participant should provide accommodation for their own. We have twenty places (ten rooms) for students from other than Krakow's universities. You can book them by writing an e - mail to us.

Social Events Calendar

27.06: Welcome Reception. Institute of Zoology.

28.06: Krakow sightseeing. City Hall on the Main Market Square, please arrive punctually at 20:30.

29.06: Free time.

30.06: Tram Party. The ride starts at 21:00 and lasts 2 hours. After a drive through the city, we are moving to the El Sol club. You are allowed to bring your own drinks to the tram :-)

01.07: Wawel Hill sightseeing. Gathering at 11:00, entry time of two groups: 11:30 and 11:40. Predicted touring time: 3 to 4 hours. The evening remains free, considering the Euro 2012 final match.

We kindly ask you to inform us, preferably at the registration desk on the first day, whether you wish to join the Wawel trip.

02.07: Boat Party. The Titanic-themed event starts at 21:00. Occasional costumes, though not obligatory, are appreciated.

03.07: Kazimierz district sightseeing. Starting at 20:30.

04.07: Final event: a visit in Collegium Maius. Touring begins at 19:00, the supper at 20:00.

Some changes

Dear Attendants,

unfortunately, we have to announce that Prof. John Nicholls will not be able to participate in the Summer School due to personal circumstances. And while we deeply regret to share this sad information with you, we have also two positive news; Professor Wesley Thompson from University of Texas at Austin, the expert in the field of neuromuscular junction will conduct lectures and small group activities instead of Prof. Nicholls. What is more, we have already started initial preparations for the extended visit of Professor Nicholls, initially scheduled for October!

Moreover, we encourage you to check the current schedule, including social events.

Please remember to arrive at the Institute of Zoology around 8:00 on Wednesday (June 27th) so we could register all of you and stick to the plan!


Please note that May 31, 2012 is the ultimate deadline. Applications will be accepted only through online registration form given on this website. You should fill in all parts of the form and send it to us. It is obligatory to send us all the necessary documents in PDF form via e-mail (the list of courses related with neuroscience). Please give the mail the following subject: "registration, your surname".

When you click "send" button, a message with confirmation that your application was send should pop up. If it does not, refresh your browser and try one more time.



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