On the behalf of Student Neuroscience Society NEURONUS, co-organizing  the summer school with the Department of Neurophysiology and Chronobiology of Jagiellonian University, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the Visiting Lecture Team Programme IBRO to be held in the Institute of Zoology in Krakow, on June 27 - July 5, 2012.

This intensive, 9-day lecture programme will provide systematic explanations of experiments that have led to our understanding in key areas of basic neuroscience, and it will expose a variety of issues of current interest in these areas. In addition to  students of neuroscience, interested students in the general fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and computer science are welcome to apply.

Each participant who will confirm his/her attendance is obliged to participate in all lectures and short question-answer sessions. The members of the lecture team, all of whom are internationally recognized teachers and researchers, will also lead smaller group discussions.

We are eagerly waiting  to welcome you in Krakow, and we want to encourage you to check the available schedule! In case of any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to contact us via e-mail given on the website.

Since 1994, the VLTP has given more than 40 courses in 26 countries. Since 2003, Professor Jack McMahan from Texas A&M University has been this programme's director,  preceded by Professor John Nicholls from International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste. Professor Nicholls is co-author of the popular textbook "From Neuron to Brain", which has just been published in a new edition.

This year, we have an honour of being visited by both of these outstanding scientists!


by Marcin Kowrygo




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